dirt bag

boy digs dirt

With Spring on its way, I decided it was time to put the boys on a science project: get the soil tested. There are plenty of reasons to do this…

  • to determine soil quality so our plants will be healthier — is it acidic, neutral or alkaline?
  • to find out how much we need to amend the soil and with what

It’s unlikely that we have a lead problem here but I suppose it’s wise to find out while we can do something about it easily — before the garden goes in.

We’re sending our  dirt bag to UMass to be tested. Dirt bag, heh heh. If you’re somewhere else, your university’s local extension office will do it for you. I’ll let you know the results in the next week or two!

boy collects dirt

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7 Responses to “dirt bag”

  1. Can I have those boots when Bix is done with them? Please don’t make me ask twice

  2. Brook says:

    consider them yours!!

  3. john says:

    Sending all the way to Mass?
    Doesn’t URI have a soil testing place.
    Eh, what ever, your tax dollars… HA!

    Hey, did I tell you that My bee raising course starts next week?

  4. Brook says:

    The URI extension website gives soil testing instructions and then lists UMass as the place to send — who am I to argue?

  5. Brook says:

    Hey, we want bees! We’ll have to talk.

  6. john says:

    Wow… typical uri…

  7. Brook says:

    It looks like they must have some partnership with UMass.