wknd progress report

Yesterday David pulled out the sink cabinet so that it wouldn’t be in the way…


Because today he and our good friend Joe, owner/benevolent monarch of Providence Restoration, had a mess to make. They donned their dust and noise gear (that’s Joe paying me not to blog about him)…

joe and david get ready to make dust

And then they removed a big chunk of wall…


And cut a 36″ x 36″ x 18″ hole in the concrete floor in order to make way for a footing for the soon-to-be new column…








Four hours later they found Vito “Fat Fingers” Marietti under the foundation with a perfectly preserved cannoli in his fist…


I didn’t get a picture of Vito, sorry. Respect for the cannoli and all that, ya know.

Waiting in the wings are 18 bags of concrete because Tuesday, the boys will mix and pour the footing…


And I will likely make another run to Seven Stars in order to ply them with baked goods and lattés.

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5 Responses to “wknd progress report”

  1. David says:

    We’re not at 18″ deep yet… maybe tomorrow. It looks like they cleaned out the cement truck right where out footing is going. It’s not as hard as the slab, but it’s not whoopie pie filling either.

  2. john says:


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  4. Jennifer says:

    nice bikes not bombs t-shirt, david – where’d you get that?

  5. Brook says:

    he stole it from some poor (but handsome) schmuck in Boston.

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