a rough planting plan: zones

It’s been raining for three days straight. You know what a yard looks like after big machinery tears up all the dirt and then the deluge begins?

rainy day

It looks like a barren muckfest.

I know, I know… in another year, that muck will be surprisingly green. And the year after that, greener. Since we’re in for the long haul, I think it pays to be conscientious about problem-solving before landscaping begins. With the new retaining walls in, I can feel like I can finally do that.

One of the benefits of living here for two years is that I’ve had plenty of time to see what we’re up against — how the sun hits the landscape differently over the seasons, what parts of the yard stay completely shaded, what sorts of plants are already living well in pots when placed in the right microclimate, and so on.

When I break the yard down into different planting zones — each zone with its own set of problems and advantages — it makes it much easier to see what kind of plants make sense where. Click to biggify (I apologize ahead of time for my scribbles)…

planting zones

Thanks to my friend Shiva for helping with the visual. She’ll be helping with some actual planting soon. I’ll show you where and what next week — plus the thinking behind the plant choices. Have a fab weekend!

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