day 4: savage, savage love

Well, now they’ve gone and done it, those Savages. They left us with the most pristine dirtscape I’ve ever seen. If we f**k this up, it’s completely our fault.

soil closeup

92 yards of loamy, composty goodness. Raked out and ready to receive grass seed and plantage. Which needs to happen immediately.

So a quick rundown of what happened today:

Adam dug out the 8′ or so of icky street frontage ground in front of our new retaining wall…

digging in front of the retaining wall

[I’m sure he’d like me to note that he wasn’t operating the mini excavator while on his cell phone.] Now that some nice loam is put down, we’ll be seeding this with grass to connect with our neighbor’s bit of turf…

new grass area

Rich secured a few more strips of Curlex on the front slope just in time for the arrival of the plants tomorrow morning…

more curlex

And Mr. Savage not only got rid of the dirt ramp put in to move equipment up the hill…

hill patching

He also improved on what was originally there by getting out the last of the rocks and smoothing out the irregularities with loam…

slope view in front of entry

We’ll use that pile of crushed stone somewhere else, I’m sure. The last of the rhododendrons got sent merrily on its way to its new home at Rich and Story’s house…

another rhodo goes bye bye

I started marking out where the raised beds will go in the veggie garden…

veggie zone view

But mostly I just stood around looking dumbfounded at our new, virgin yard…

view out back

view uphill

view from street

view straight on

I’m gonna miss me some Savages. They packed up all their toys and took them away…

packing up

Think I can get them to come back and do the inside of the house?

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