what happens in vegas…

Here in Las Vegas for a video shoot. If it weren’t blindingly gaudy and garish, it wouldn’t be Vegas, right? (Pardon the very uncrisp iPhone pix.)

Flowery mosaic tile floors…

mosaic tile floor

Floor to ceiling crystal chandeliers…

chandeliers at planet hollywood

The crystals closeup… mmmm, twinkly.

chandelier closeup

Massive parasols hanging from the ceiling. I’m sure the stylist called these “whimsical”…

parasols at the Wynn

The disco bathroom — walls covered top to bottom in disco ball-esque mirrors. That was actually pretty cool…

disco wall in the bathroom at Blush

Look up: disco balls!

disco balls

disco wall with reflected disco balls

But in case you’re thinking about getting all Studio 54 while you’re in here, think again…

bathroom signage

More crazy ceiling lights…

crazy lights on the ceiling at Blush

At night, they change color…

lights changing color

In the hotel, a two line phone next to your toilet. With a hold button. “Excuse me a minute while I ugh…”

phone next to the toilet at the Wynn

Outside the casino, quintessential Vegas views… and Manilow.

poolside at the Wynn

Paris on the strip

The Flamingo on the strip


And now, homeward bound. Replete with debauch.

triple lucky 7 slot machine

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