the first frost

Well, this past weekend it officially hit 32 degrees for the first time this season. Brrrrrrr. Luckily, I made a mad dash for the garden and brought in tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes and peppers. So many tomatoes….

harvest prompted by October freeze warning












There are  Orange Strawberry Oxhearts, Paul Robesons, Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge and others I’ve misplaced the names of. Even a few Sungolds — the only hybrids of the bunch but oh so amazingly good. They’re not all pictured here. I have bags and bags of green tomatoes as well. Like hundreds of them. Mostly Black Cherries and a number of Green Zebras. So good.

And destined for sauce.

3 Responses to “the first frost”

  1. jc says:

    them tomatoes must be pretty rank by now

  2. Brook says:

    actually, some of them are still ripening!

  3. Brook says:

    sorry, October turned out to be a heavy work month. November is looking more normal. a return to bloggy is afoot…

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