just in time for father’s day

David’s father came up from Brooklyn for a visit, which around here is akin to signing up for our forced labor camp. With Father’s Day right around the corner, there’s no better time than NOW to put dad to work. The project: shed doors for our new retaining wall out back.

David built the doors out of cedar a few weeks back in his makeshift driveway workshop…

bettridge woodworks, right in our driveway

And this past weekend, Tom and  David hung two of the four doors. Power tools and bonding ensued…

way to put dad to work

That’s Wendy taking a break from garden servitude…

in at last

OOH! AAAAAH! They turned out quite nice, dontcha think?

a closer look

Still to come: the other two doors, hardware, outfitting the closets with storage. And hugs, duh.


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