one step at a time

Retaining wall, check. Hot dip galvanized steel risers for the stairs that go at the end of the retaining wall, check. Time to put them in, um…  Actually, after a fair amount of digging and cursing at the rocks, David did manage to get the first riser in.

first riser dug for stairs

first riser in ground

bolted to the wall

visions of things to come

Unfortunately, the risers are a little wonky along the length — which makes them practically impossible to put in straight without a fight. So the remainder went back to Rhode Island Welding to be put through their heavy-duty roller and unwonkified.

Oh, and then it turns out that they made two of the risers 2′ too short! So now two new ones have to be made and then sent to the galvinizer. Another three weeks. Oy.

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