baby snake!

The last time we came across a baby snake was April 1 of last year, the day our friends the Savages started digging their heavy equipment into our yard. Two weeks earlier this year but look, it’s snake hatching time again! Spring is here.

This guy looks small even in Bix’s hands…

snake in the hand

That little 6″ cutie is a Northern Brown, which the RI Department of Environmental Management describes as completely harmless…

northern brown snake

I’m relieved to see snakes again. I was afraid we’d wiped them out what with all the digging. Now if we can just keep this guy away from the cat…

snake in the grass

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4 Responses to “baby snake!”

  1. mcmc says:

    spring sprang, and a snake snucked

  2. john says:

    Very jealous. A whole year here and no snakes. 2 toads, 3 baby mantids, bunnies, woodchucks and chipmunks… But still I want snakes in the garden…

  3. Brook says:

    yeah, we have all the best wildlife at Chez Bettridge. you saw the mouse and the motorcycle, right?

    i want woodchucks!

  4. john says:

    Mice make great sport for kitties , I highly encourage more of both.
    As a gardener, you DO NOT want woodchucks (whistle pigs), but they are pretty cool to watch waddle about.

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