450 lbs lighter


Been a little bummed about the lack of progress but things are finally picking up again. Yesterday our friend Matt lugged away the Jotul woodstove. With the help of a small army…




This means we’re already thinking about the upstairs, like the dining area and built-ins that will go where the woodstove once was…


Thanks, Matt! Hope you and the family will be nice and roasty this coming winter.


3 Responses to “450 lbs lighter”

  1. Graham says:

    Boy, Dave and I lugged it in all by ourselves! Wimps!

  2. Brook says:

    David claims you lifted the entire thing yourself. on your pinkie finger no less.

  3. mcmc says:

    And on another occasion, Dave and I didn’t have wheels to help get it around. Buncha’ lightweights…

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