holiday armaments

Thus far, I am struggling to feel festive this year. Is it the warmer temperatures? Our chaotic household? Perhaps the stress of this year’s gift unpreparedness? Who knows.

In an effort to put myself in the mood, I’m pulling out the images of our vintagey ornaments that I posted last year around this time. Ooh, shiny…

holiday nursery rhyme girl

holiday nursery rhyme boy

holiday rocket racer

holiday italian glass foxy

holiday airplane

holiday italian glass bear and tin wind-up car

holiday row boat guy

holiday italian glass stripy tiger

holiday elf

holiday italian glass dopey cat

holiday rosie the robot

holiday glass ray gun

holiday ice cream boy

holiday italian glass dino

holiday wind-up astronaut moonrover

holiday santa

holiday italian glass flowerhead

holiday black robot

holiday tin flying saucer

holiday italian glass fox

holiday girlie robot

holiday liddle kiddles santa

holiday italian glass soldier

holiday creepy santa

holiday wind-up rover robot dog

holiday wind-up robot space cart

holiday tin tokyo firetruck and italian glass ellie

holiday wind-up handcar

holiday italian glass bowtie elephant

Okay, I’m almost feeling it now. How about you? Maybe just one more?

The Santa tree topper…

holiday italian glass santa tree topper


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2 Responses to “holiday armaments”

  1. jc says:

    The girl in the first pic has a mouth like a sex doll. A not very good one, because somebody seems to have impaled her with a light bulb spear…

  2. Brook says:

    that’s actually a banjo on her belly there so perhaps she’s singing?

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