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butt-thra babies!

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

You’ll never guess what Bix and I discovered this weekend! Butt-thra, our monarch butterfly, had babies!

butt-thra baby: one of the monarch caterpillars looking for lunch




















Here it is just 20 days later and the eggs that she laid on our butterfly weed have already hatched and grown. I had no idea it all happened so quickly!

After I spotted the one above, I came across a few more babies a little while later…

butt-thrababy: more monarch caterpillars!




















What you don’t see is a tiny caterpillar who hasn’t made its way into view yet. So four babies counted so far!

From what I’ve learned, there are three generations of monarchs during the warm season. The last generation — the one born in August-September — is the one that makes the 2,000 mile flight to Mexico. That makes these fellas future travelers.

Isn’t that exciting?

monarch midwifery: day 13!

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Hatch day! Got outside at about 5:20 am. Just me, a cup of tea and my iPhone. Right after 6 a.m., the monarch crysalis started to open. The stupid camera couldn’t seem to focus on the right thing, but you can just make out the split starting from the bottom…

monarch midwife_1: crysalis starting to open!




















Seconds later she popped out!

monarch midwife: moments out of the crysalis




















Note the tiny wings and the huge abdomen. Over the next hour and a half, Bix and David and I watched as she hung there pumping fluid from the thorax into her wings…

monarch midwife 3




















You can see her wings gradually grow while her abdomen skinnifies, all Jenny Craiglike…

monarch midwife 4



















monarch midwife 5



















monarch midwife 6





















Then she opened her wings. I could barely fit her in the shot!

monarch midwife: the wings finally open




















Scarcely over two hours after she began her transformation from pupa to butterfly, our baby took her first flight…



This evening I discovered the newborn fluttering around our sumacs, so she’s still here. Hopefully she’s enjoying our butterfly buffet before she heads south.


Addendum #1:

After watching Godzilla vs. The Thing  (also known as Godzilla vs. Mothra) last night, Bix and I dubbed our magical monarch “Butt-thra” in deference to our favorite winged monster, Mothra…

a shot of mothra from last night’s movie













Addendum #2:

Bix requests that you join us for a song before you go, okay?


FYI, If you’re not familiar with the Singing Science series by Motivation Records, check it out. Fantastic and fun. (Space Songs and the two Nature records are our favorites.)

monarch watch: holy moly!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

At about lunchtime I posted that there wasn’t much going on with our butterfly friend. But look what she’s gone and done in the last two hours…

monarch pupa: day 12 omg i can finally see you!




















Can you believe it? It’s almost butterfly time!

monarch, day 8 + 9

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Our monarch butterfly is still cooking on days 8 and 9…

monarch pupa: day 8



















monarch pupa: day 9




















I let our very rainy weekend stop me from snapping a shot on Day 7. But I have a feeling our friend looked quite similar to the above.

So is Tuesday hatch day? It will be 10 days since she climbed into position and that’s supposedly how long metamorphosis lasts. I may have to hover over her all day tomorrow to capture her emergence!

monarch, day 6

Friday, July 27th, 2012

I think I see the green beginning to shift a little. Perhaps our butterfly friend’s change to orange is beginning? Or I’m imagining things…

monarch pupa: day 6




















Looking quite a bit different from Days 1 and 2. Four more days to go!


monarch, days 4 + 5

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Our butterfly friend is looking fairly unchanged from day 4…

monarch pupa: day 4




















to day 5…

monarch pupa: day 5




















But I imagine there’s a lot happening in there. As it turns out, the pupa is clear and the color you see is the green butterfly on the inside. As she gets closer to “done,” the color will change to the bright monarch orange we know and love.

Only five more days to go!

Day 3


monarch, day 3

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

monarch butterfly pupa: day 3




















Days 1 and 2.

another creature sighting!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

We discovered a new garden guest yesterday…

monarch butterfly caterpillar: day 1




















Can you believe it?! A monarch butterfly caterpillar just beginning its transformation into a butterfly! In fact, it must have just climbed into place because it only takes a matter of hours for the pupa to form.

This morning, she had already reached the chrysalis stage…

monarch butterfly chrysalis: day 2




















I’m so excited that the kiddo gets to watch this happen. We just don’t get this Wild Kingdom kind of experience often in the city. So happy we planted our Asclepias tuberose (native butterfly weed or milkweed), as it’s the host plant for monarch eggs and larva.

Will endeavor to post a photo every day for the 10-day metamorphosis. Great visuals here, by the way, if you’re eager to see what’s going to take place.

you game? Hogan’s Heroes

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

One of my earliest crushes, Richard Dawson, died a few days ago. Now I haven’t done a board game post in at least a year, but when I think of Mr. Dawson my mind fills with a blur of Hogan’s Heroes reruns from my childhood.

Do I happen to have a Hogan’s Heroes board game, even though it predates my ’70s TV show board game collection? Why yes, I do. For sentimental reasons, of course…












I assume that the man in blue next to LeBeau and Kinch is Newkirk, Dawson’s poorly drawn character…





















The goal, as was typical in the show, is to sneak a man out of Stalag 13…













As the senior ranking officer, Col. Hogan was in charge of the POWs…





















Did you know that although Col. Klink…





















and Sgt. “I see nothink!” Schultzie are Nazis…





















… the actors were actually Jewish in real life? Neither did I.

Turns out that the actor who played Klink escaped Nazi Germany with his family in 1933. And the actors who played Schultz and LeBeau spent time in, and lost family in, concentration camps. Others on the show shared similar credentials.

The show was funny. Real life was not.





















There’s Newkirk again…














































































As usual, the bumbling Nazis are easily defeated and the boys sneak their man out…





















A happy ending!





















Goodbye, Richard Dawson. You will star in my childhood memories forever…

holiday armaments

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Thus far, I am struggling to feel festive this year. Is it the warmer temperatures? Our chaotic household? Perhaps the stress of this year’s gift unpreparedness? Who knows.

In an effort to put myself in the mood, I’m pulling out the images of our vintagey ornaments that I posted last year around this time. Ooh, shiny…

holiday nursery rhyme girl

holiday nursery rhyme boy

holiday rocket racer

holiday italian glass foxy

holiday airplane

holiday italian glass bear and tin wind-up car

holiday row boat guy

holiday italian glass stripy tiger

holiday elf

holiday italian glass dopey cat

holiday rosie the robot

holiday glass ray gun

holiday ice cream boy

holiday italian glass dino

holiday wind-up astronaut moonrover

holiday santa

holiday italian glass flowerhead

holiday black robot

holiday tin flying saucer

holiday italian glass fox

holiday girlie robot

holiday liddle kiddles santa

holiday italian glass soldier

holiday creepy santa

holiday wind-up rover robot dog

holiday wind-up robot space cart

holiday tin tokyo firetruck and italian glass ellie

holiday wind-up handcar

holiday italian glass bowtie elephant

Okay, I’m almost feeling it now. How about you? Maybe just one more?

The Santa tree topper…

holiday italian glass santa tree topper