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cathedral of junk

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Ever wondered what the inside of our garage looks like? Not as good as the Vince Hanneman’s creation, that’s for sure.

course correction

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Lest you think our recent fanciness outside the house is any reflection on the state of the inside, please let me remind you of what it’s like to walk through chez remod. The mess is still brewing. Well… more like festering.

There are the stacks of boxes by David’s desk…

mess mess




















And the construction debris and whatnot in the hallways…

mess of construction




















And the flooring samples piling up…

mess of samples




















And the art and furniture bits leaning up against the walls…

mess in the bedroom




















And it’s impossible to get around the bed for the drawers and storage boxes that got pulled out of the attic for Christmas…

mess of boxes




















So there. The end of 2011 and it’s still a disaster in here. Oh well.

logging off

Friday, September 16th, 2011

This jumble of oversized logs has been sitting in a vigorous bunch of weeds just outside our front door since the oak tree was chopped down in the spring…
the logs

Makes a great first impression on those intrepid enough to approach our front step. Today, Mr. Bettridge rented a log splitter.
the log splitter

Slices through those giants like buttah. I am pleased to see them join the others in the wood pile. Next year, my friend… next year you keep us warm.
the log splitter splits


down by the ceement pond

Monday, June 6th, 2011

No pond action in ages. The skeeterwater is now gone but the pond liner is still covered in dirt the rain washed down. Currently being vacuumed…

vacuuming the pond

Getting filled this week, mayhaps. Hmmm. Water or jello, whaddya think?


thurs progress report

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

CLANG CLANG CLANG! Flying shrapnel. CLANG CLANG CLANG! Flying shrapnel. And so on…

the floor before

the floor during

what a mess

If you try this, be sure to break out your riot gear. You’re going to need it.

full-on riot gear


tubby tuesday

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

And so the day ends. With ear-piercing sawing action, the satisfying scent of warm fiberglass, a rift…

the first cut is the deepest

tub cut... no, really, it’s SUPPOSED to look like that

guess there’ll be no showers down here for a while

almost all gone

Now the plumber has to disconnect the plumbing. Why should David have all the fun?

tues progress report

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

When we left off last week, the new column went in downstairs. Since then, David bolted the column to the metal bracket that was cast into the newly poured cement…

bolts now secure the new column to the floor

The ceiling came down everywhere…

the ceiling is down

Destruction began in the bathroom. The sheetrock is now gone…

bathroom walls are down

Our dark secrets are fully apparent to all as you can easily see past the sink and toilet into the storage closet under the stairs…

wall gone

When David pulled off the sheetrock along the rest of the north wall where we discovered past termite activity, he revealed more. Ewww, so much more…

termites have been busy little buggers

They ate the paper backing right off the sheetrock, the hungry little buggers. No live termites apparent. (Almost done with my post on how we’re going to deal with this.)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, tearing out the wall uncovered a mouse nest…

mouse nest

Ralph the Mouse is no longer with us. He died in an untimely motorcycle accident last fall…

unfortunate mouse accident

I’ll alert Beverly Cleary.

wknd progress report

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Yesterday David pulled out the sink cabinet so that it wouldn’t be in the way…


Because today he and our good friend Joe, owner/benevolent monarch of Providence Restoration, had a mess to make. They donned their dust and noise gear (that’s Joe paying me not to blog about him)…

joe and david get ready to make dust

And then they removed a big chunk of wall…


And cut a 36″ x 36″ x 18″ hole in the concrete floor in order to make way for a footing for the soon-to-be new column…








Four hours later they found Vito “Fat Fingers” Marietti under the foundation with a perfectly preserved cannoli in his fist…


I didn’t get a picture of Vito, sorry. Respect for the cannoli and all that, ya know.

Waiting in the wings are 18 bags of concrete because Tuesday, the boys will mix and pour the footing…


And I will likely make another run to Seven Stars in order to ply them with baked goods and lattés.

thurs progress report

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

You’ve seen what the downstairs used to look like. And you’ve seen the plan for what it will look like. So here’s what it looks like today.

The kitchenette cabinets are down. We need a professional to come and deal with the plumbing so we can 86 the lower cabinet now…

kitchen cabinets are down

The sheetrock is all down and the trim is off. In fact, the trim is being picked up right now by some enterprising DIYer who saw our Craigslist posting for it in the “free” section…

the sheetrock and trim are down

The doors are out. Also being picked up by the same Craigslist troller…

the doors have been removed

The hallway seems so much larger without doors…

the hallway seems bigger

Is it too late to put in a bowling lane?

David is hanging plastic to keep the dust from migrating upstairs…

dust prevention

Because next up is concrete cutting so that we can verify for the engineer that there’s actually a footing for the column we want to put in…

concrete floor marked out for cutting

Expect noise. A lot of noise.

scenes from the destruction

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Step into the dust mask zone with me.

All the trim is coming off…


The sheetrock is coming down…

destructomess 4

Kitchen cabinets being pulled out…


My fabulous wallpaper wall…


It came down. *sniff*  *sniff*…


Wait a second… what’s that in the far corner?

uh oh... signs of termites

Ugh. Signs of termites!! Old or recent? We’ll find out tomorrow when New England Pest Control stops by. In the meantime, wood for the construction arrived…

the wood arrives

Hey, termites… LUNCHTIME!

wood at the ready