logging off

This jumble of oversized logs has been sitting in a vigorous bunch of weeds just outside our front door since the oak tree was chopped down in the spring…
the logs

Makes a great first impression on those intrepid enough to approach our front step. Today, Mr. Bettridge rented a log splitter.
the log splitter

Slices through those giants like buttah. I am pleased to see them join the others in the wood pile. Next year, my friend… next year you keep us warm.
the log splitter splits



2 Responses to “logging off”

  1. jc says:

    did you get a new fireplace?

  2. Brook says:

    nope. no burnding this year as the upstairs isn’t started yet and we sold the old woody. we’ll let this wood season and will definitely have a woodstove next winter.

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