cardoon character

cardoon at denver botanic garden

So maybe you’ve seen this before. It’s a cardoon. The first time I saw one was last fall at Denver Botanic Garden — that’s where I snapped that shot. They used them in several focal point areas, usually at the end of a walkway or to anchor a bed. Hard to tell from the photo but these suckers are easily 3′ across and as high. Want. Not to eat. Just for the drama.

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4 Responses to “cardoon character”

  1. john says:

    maybe at tower hill?

  2. Brook says:

    that’s a good thought, actually, thanks — and the sale is coming up. Shiva suggested Umbrella Factory… do they sell plants there? Seven Arrows said they quit selling them because nobody bought them. i would just buy seeds online (have yet to come across them in person) but the shipping is twice the cost of the seeds!

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