thanks, garden gnome!

Oh tall and handsome garden gnome, won’t you please, please assemble my new cedar arbor (eBay!) so that my vines have a place to grow?

Graham comes to the rescue…

what were those instructions again?

Is it done?

is this what it’s supposed to look like

Yes, done! Story and David approve of how Graham handles his wood in front of onlookers…

done deal

So erect! Thanks, garden gnome!

all smiles

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7 Responses to “thanks, garden gnome!”

  1. Jen Coleslaw says:

    Was a black t shirt the required uniform? And how did you get an arbor on Ebay? Link please!

  2. Brook says:

    yes. but only because nudity is out of the question in our very exposed (heh) backyard. these guys sell through eBay. pretty affordable compared to what I’ve found locally. :)

  3. Graham says:

    Black t-shirts are the required uniform for ALL of us post-punk/alterna-kids… loser!

  4. John says:

    How many people does it take to put together an arbor kit in 2010?
    1 to build it, 2 to watch/inspect and a 4th to take pictures and blog about it.
    And oh, uncounted masses to read about it.
    Hello 21st century.

  5. Brook says:

    not sure about the “masses” part there, john. likely more like three occasional readers. four at most.

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