gnome, part deux

Remember a few days back when a tall, handsome garden gnome showed up in our yard and knocked together that arbor? Well, he returned, worked his gnomey-is-to-nub-me magic again and now the arbor is installed. Yay!

Graham worked up a sweat digging post holes 3′ down…

post hole digging

Note his precise motions into the hole. There was much repetition…

post hole digging, mo deepa

Holes primed, it was time for insertion. Of Sonotube. G-rated…

sonotube in the holes

David added longish bolts to the ends of the arbor posts…

long bolts added to arbor posts

Graham whipped the concrete to a froth. Of a sort…

concrete mixing

Then, um, the holes were filled to the top with the stuff…

concrete in the holes

The boys set the arbor into the mixture. There was hardening…

setting the arbor in place

not going anywhere

And then everyone smoked a cigarette…

a job well done

Meanwhile, in the wings, my vines have been waiting…

passionflower in waiting

One of my passion flowers (passiflora cereulean) has already started to bloom. Look at that! Like a daisy in a grass skirt! Butterflies, bees and hummingbirds LOVE these. Native but not perennial here in New England, it seeds freely and returns year after year.

Also planting hyacinth bean vine, which starts looking really good in the heat of summer. The dark purple beans in the fall are what I really love. A nice companion for the passion flower and another great butterfly attractor…

hyacinth bean vine |

hyacinth bean vine |

And last but not least, as I’m always one to cram way too many plants into one spot, I have an akebia quinata ‘Shirobana’…

akebia quinata shirobana foliage |

akebia quinata shirobana foliage |

akebia quinata shirobana flowers |

akebia quinata shirobana flowers |

Only flowers for a few weeks, as I recall from my last garden (3 years ago!), but the foliage is bright green 3/4 of the year and has that Asian look I’m going for. I suppose if I were to plant just one vine it would be this one. Just really, really pretty and people always ask what it is.

So anyway, I’m thrilled to get the arbor up. And the next morning, no regrets.

the next morning, no regrets

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