grill porn

The Phoenix! Picked up yesterday, our new grill/firepit is sitting in its temporary spot on the gravel as we await a patio build. Thought I’d share shots of it because, frankly, the two existing pictures on your site suck, Wittus.

Why not show it off for the true beauty it is? Surely you can hire someone who takes better shots than I did. Here it is in all its increasingly rusticated glory…

it’s here! it’s here!

full view of the back

A slender 25″ W x 20″ D x 74″ H and 220 lbs. Does not come with cup holders, thank gawd, although it does come with Stay Cool stainless steel grill rack handles…

view from below

ooh, phoenixy!

from another angle

The angle on the walls is very similar to the angle on the house…

nice echo of the house angles

And the lines echo our vertical wood siding…

an echo of the house’s vertical siding

A closeup on the detail on the lip of the chimney…

view of the top lip detail

The grill rack is made of stainless steel 5mm rods. Slits in the curved steel wall allow you to adjust the grill rack height….

the grill can be repositioned

The bar across the back locks the grill pan in place…

shot of the curved rear detail

grill pan attachment detail

Pull out the bar and you can remove the pan…

a look at the pan with the grilling surface removed

Like so…

with the bar removed, the pan pulls right out

pan removed

Ooh, and here’s a bonus not mentioned on the Wittus website: also functions as a cat cave!

and it’s also a cat cave!

glamour shot

Why we’ve been ogling this grill/firepit for the last few years:

  • The strong angles echo the modern architecture of the house
  • Multi-functional and multi-seasonal… works as both a charcoal grill and a wood-fired pit
  • The tall chimney is supposed to funnel smoke up and away… we’ll test this out and confirm
  • When not in use, it looks like art… and if something is going to take up valuable space in your smallish entertaining space, shouldn’t it be something you want to look at?
  • Brushed Corten steel, an awesome thing to touch… we share an undying love for it

Thanks Joe and David for lugging that sexy thing home. My, my, what the neighbors must think of us now!

thanks to joe and david

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10 Responses to “grill porn”

  1. Insanely hot and beautifully photographed; are you absolutely certain it’s not a giant bong?

  2. Brook says:

    well, we haven’t fired it up yet but perhaps the world’s most miraculous bonghit could be taken off of this thing. it’s worth a shot. ;)

  3. kusum says:

    that’s some sexy piece of metal. nice photo story brook!

  4. Jennifer U says:

    who knew richard serra made outdoor grills…!

  5. Brook says:

    thanks, kusum! hope you and the fam are having a fab summer. :)

  6. Brook says:

    jenny jen! the grill is the only thing that looks finished in our yard. s’mores, anyone?

  7. Story says:

    Your racks have always stayed cool, Brook, now even more so. This whole project is inuendo-city!

  8. Brook says:

    ha! it can’t be helped, story. it’s a yard. we’re bound to get dirty out there.

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