ready to fire up

We finally hauled the Wittus Phoenix firepit/grill over to the patio. The crew pulled out a couple of granite slabs for us so we’d have a nice spot to pound the steel spikes into the ground to hold it…

securing the Wittus Phoenix firepit in place

We topped off the crushed stone with Mexican beach pebbles, which I think turned out pretty nice…

firepit with river rock

Add a few butterfly chairs with brand-new covers and we’re set for summer soirées….

firepit awaits

I know it’s a silly little detail but I’m still really liking how the crazy angles on the grill echo the crazy angles on our house…

firepit angles

Maybe the rain will end someday soon and we can actually put that thing to use.

5 Responses to “ready to fire up”

  1. dcb says:

    Fired it up Tuesday, grilled some burgers for lunch.Yum!

  2. john says:

    Hmmmm… pebbles from Mexico, granite from China…..HA!
    But I bet Roasted Bix would be good, though maybe a tad gamey

  3. john says:

    Let me guess: Argentinian beef?
    Damn globe trotters….

  4. Brook says:

    nah, local woodchuck.

  5. […] you. But the various finishes outside have to play friendly. Out back there’s also that rusty Corten steel drama queen of a fire pit/grill vying for your attention. So rather than have another dark finish nearby […]

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