the last riser

With grievous amounts of sweat and consternation…


David got it on this weekend and bolted in the last of the hot dip galvanized steel risers for the stairs that lead up to the veggie garden…

the veggie garden steps are in!

front view

YES!! Still the stairs of death and completely impassable until we backfill them with pea gravel, but that should happen soon. Our wicked slope makes it look like the steps are crooked. Don’t worry, they’re squared up and it will all make sense when it’s done.

Easier to see how it starts to come together if you step back a little. See how the steps match the galvanized veggie beds?

view from across the street

Now picture it with the patchy grass filled in and a lovely espaliered asian pear across that long, empty concrete retaining wall surface. Perty.

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4 Responses to “the last riser”

  1. john says:

    Looks amazing dave!

  2. David says:

    Thanks John, it was a bit of struggle but what worth doing isn’t

  3. kristin says:

    looks great, now what? just pour the gravel in?

  4. Brook says:

    sorta, kristin. we have to add some larger crushed stone first and then probably some weed-blocking cloth and then top it off with 4 or 5″ of nice pea gravel — assuming i can actually FIND nice pea gravel. all the ground at the top of the stairs will be pea gravel too, so i have a little more digging to do there to get it ready. getting tired of moving dirt!