mmmmm, benchy

Semigood Rian RTA Bench |

Semigood Rian RTA Bench |

David’s taking the welding class at The Steel Yard this weekend. Thinking a bench similar to this minimal Rian RTA Bench by Semigood would be perfect just inside our door as a place to sit down and kick off your muddy shoes before you come up the stairs. Semigood makes a gorgeous wood version but I don’t think the woven seat makes sense with wet coats and boots.

RTA Cantilever Bench |

RTA Cantilever Bench |

Semigood’s lovely Cantilever Stool above? Not to be riffed on. Investment quality. Definitely one of those pieces you could pass down through the generations. In my dreams…

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10 Responses to “mmmmm, benchy”

  1. Jennifer U says:

    hiya – here’s a friend who does gorgeous minimal/japanese inspired furniture and interiors…reminds me of this bench a bit…

  2. Brook says:

    ooh, pretty! consider it bookmarked! thanks, jen. you always have the best connections.

  3. john says:

    is it built yet?

  4. Brook says:

    am hoping to post pics of the legs… not built yet but in progress!

  5. john says:

    I saw the legs when we was there, they were neat.

  6. Brook says:

    they’re likely sitting in the exact same spot as when you saw them, slowly collecting dust. time to break out the whip.

  7. john says:

    or put down the whip and move them yourself! HA!

  8. Brook says:

    ha. it’s not so much about moving them as it is sanding down the weld spots and then taking them to get powder-coated. i’m sure David has a reason for holding off… just not sure what it is.

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