my latest brimfield score

Finally made it back to the Brimfield Antique Show this past weekend. Hadn’t been in years and suddenly got the flea market bug. Must be the fall weather. So what did I find?

Mostly a crapload of junk I’m not interested in. Is the poor quality of the offerings related to the crappy economy? Or am I suddenly pickier than I used to be now that we don’t have the advantage of loft space? Who knows. I drove away with just one thing…

lantern front view

A lantern for the garden, to drive up my Asian quotient.

lantern side view

Antique? Not per se. Unless stone formed over thousands of years counts as antique. According to Michael Carboni, the dealer at The Traveling Buddha’s Brimfield booth, the lantern was carved from Chinese bluestone by artisans in Northern China. He travels there for handcrafted goodies and antiques for a few months out of every year. Nice guy.

detail of roof

Comes in five pieces…

detail of base

… and weighs about a gazillion pounds.

lantern window

The bottom pieces are drilled in case you want to run electricity to it to light it up rather than use a candle. I’m unlikely to do that.

For the one gardening geek out there trying to identify plants around the lantern (click for biggification)…

my new Chinese stone lantern

Leaves of datura in the foreground, Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’ switch grass just starting to turn burgundy to the right, plumes of Miscanthus sinensus ‘Rotsilber’ (Japanese Silver Grass) waving in the background, the red-leafed tropical-looking thing is Ricinus communis (Castor Bean), yellow and green-banded Pinus densiflora ‘Oculis Draconis’ (Dragon’s Eye Red Pine) immediately behind, Matteuccia struthiopteris (Ostrich Fern) behind and to the right, Cotinus coggyria ‘Royal Purple’ (Smokebush) just to the left. Hoping this will fill in nicely in the next few years.

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