the time is ripe…

So why aren’t my friggin’ tomatoes?! This is September, right? I normally start harvesting bumper crops of heirlooms the first week of August. Yeesh.

This heirloom, whose plant tag appears to have escaped me… big. fat. green.

unidentified heirloom

My brandywines… green.

brandywine... green!

Black cherries… green.

black cherries... green!

Garden peach… just starting to turn yellow.

just a hint of yellow on the garden peach

Green zebras… yes, supposed to be green but still rock hard!

just a hint of yellow on the garden peach

Green sausage tomatoes… also supposed to be green but again, not ready.

green sausauge tomatoes... not ripe!

Even the tomatillos… not quite there yet!

even the tomatillos... bah!

I don’t understand. I trimmed out the overzealous branches. They get plenty of harvested rainwater. No bugs. No mildew. No blight. Just leafy and healthy. And green.

tomatoes, oh so green!

The feta is ready. So why aren’t you guys? Is it something I said?

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One Response to “the time is ripe…”

  1. dcb says:

    C’mon tomatos, redden up already!