brimfield past

Over the years, Brimfield has had plenty to offer — much more than my last post might suggest. I’ve always come away with something I love, for a steal. Like these…

A vintage cast aluminum lounger. 40s? 50s? 60s? Dunno. We had it beadblasted to remove the peeling paint and left it bare, then found a company on Cape Cod who specializes in rewebbing…

brimfield score | lounger side view

brimfield | lounger back view

It came with the cutest loveseat…

brimfield | loveseat front view

brimfield | loveseat side view

Since I brought up beadblasting and rewebbing, I should mention the Brown and Jordan patio set we inherited from David’s grandmother. Was it white or yellow in its past life? I forget. We had the set beadblasted and rewebbed at the same time the lounger and loveseat were done so they would “go” together…

brown and jordan set

brown and jordan set, detail view

One year we scored three vintage medical cabinets for our storage-less loft. We decided to have them stripped and sprayed before we brought them to the new house. The metal is thin and couldn’t take beadblasting. Also, it wasn’t uniform enough to warrant leaving the cabs bare as we’d hoped we could. (I apologize for having absolutely NO natural light to help this shot out)…

brimfield | medical cabinets before

I decided to dress up the interior walls with Waldots wallpaper by Ferm Living…

brimfield | medical cabinets after

Still not sure I’m loving that paper. Hard to tell here because the light is awful, but the paper is a little more purple and much less grey than I’d imagined…

all papered!

closed up and ready to go

Have also picked up a slew of  vintage Vornado fans at Brimfield. Very streamline, industrial, Raymond Loewy

brimfield | vornado fan

Could use a good dusting because they get used every summer. The company is still around and recently released a new “Retro” style based on the original…

remodelista | vornado “retro” fa

The one above was featured on Remodelista but I keep seeing it on various design blogs. Less of an energy hog than the originals, that’s for sure.

The point is, if you haven’t been to Brimfield, go next year. You just never know what you’ll find when you have 20 fields’ worth of flea market to stumble through.

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2 Responses to “brimfield past”

  1. dcb says:

    That set was brown when we got it. The webbing might have been white.

  2. Brook says:

    brown! right… okay, i confess that i still don’t remember. but you saw it for years before i even came along so i believe you.