patios: day 1

And so the transformation begins! Monday afternoon, Jim and Connor came and marked out the site with their laser level…

marking out the site

all marked out

And then it was Tuesday! The day I had to do some letting go. Had to look away as the Land Design Associates crew dug up my Beni Kaze forest grass so it wouldn’t get crushed. Then they leveled a good portion of my carefully prepared bed. Funny how prep takes you days and days of manual rock removal and shoveling in compost, and yet how immediately it all comes undone…

day 1 destroying my bed, it’ll all be okay

*sigh*  The steel steps had to come out, too. Once that was done, they were able to get the machines up the hill and into the yard…

day 1 up the hill

Gravel was moved out…

day 1 removing gravel

So the digging could begin…

day 1 digging begins

Is it a pond?

day 1 is it a pond?

Or a lap lane?

day 1 or a lap lane?

As you can see, the patio area got leveled,  geotextile reinforcement put down and crushed run and sand tamped down over top in preparation for the stone pavers. All in one day!

These guys aren’t messing around.

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