patios: day 2

As I write this, the rain is blowing past the windows. Sideways. At about 50 mph. Luckily the Land Design Associates crew nailed everything to the ground. Including our cat — where is she? The boys got a lot done before the rain that arrived. Let’s see…

The 5′ long x 18″ wide x 7″ tall granite pieces arrived for the back step…

day 2 stone steps arrive

Cement blocks were trimmed to create a foundation for the granite steps…

day 2 cutting concrete blocks

Then they got set in place and filled with crushed stone…

day 2 step base

The pond got dug out a little bit more….

day 2 the trench

If you look closer, you can see where the rainwater collection tank’s overflow pipe got cut…

day 2 broken drainpipe

Oopsie. S’okay. We knew that might happen, seeing as its placement runs right below the pond area…

rain collection diagram

Luckily it’s an easy fix. Not a problem.

Meanwhile, more patio base material arrived…

day 2 more crushed stone

And the crew turned on the heavy machinery again to start excavating the lower patio…

day 2 lower patio

They got it level and tamped it all down right before the skies let loose…

day 2 tamping lower patio

And then Mother Nature told everyone to go home. Except us. We were already there.

day 2 Bambino, there you are!

Found the cat.


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  1. David says:

    There she is!

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