patios: day 5

So our patio project is really hardening up. heh heh. See all that cement?

day 5 cement

It’s now in our backyard. Day 5 was all about finishing the walls of the koi pond. That entailed a lot of cement…

day 5 cement day

And a lot of ensuring that lines were squared up and things were level…

day 5 getting the walls level

And a lot of yard guts being moved out of the way and into the street…

day 5 yard guts

What does that mean for the plants in the margins of the yard?

day 5 poor cardoons

Let’s just say I’ll be digging out the cardoons and the euphorbias and yadayadayada.

It never made it out of the low 40s today. Brrrrrrrrr. But in spite of the cold those boys powered through the walls. Look at them go!

day 5 what a difference a day makes!

day 5 view from the corner

With the temps dropping down into the 20s at night, the crew decided to break out the thermal blankets on the newly poured walls and upper patio area…

day 5 thermal blankets

As well as the lower patio…

day 5 lower thermal blankets

That was a long Saturday’s worth of progress. Nothing going on here on Sunday. Except more hardening. And maybe I’ll get out there with a shovel to see if I can find my poor plants. Sorry plants!


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