a pleasant surprise

It’s been challenging over the last few weeks to squeeze in runs in between our blizzards. It’s worth the effort, though — I get cabin fever being indoors all winter. On my last run, a tree I’ve passed  regularly for nearly 15 years suddenly caught my eye. In fact, I had to stop and take a look…

dragons eye pine

It wasn’t my imagination! See those bright yellow highlights? If you make a closer inspection, you can see green and yellow bands…

dragons eye pine detail

Hey, that’s Pinus densiflora ‘Oculus Draconis’ (Japanese ‘Dragon’s Eye Red Pine), just like the one I planted this summer!

my wee tiny dragons eye pine

My 4′ Dragon’s Eye is under 2′ of snow as I type this — and perhaps another foot by morning. But after seeing the one in front of Temple Emanu-El, I can finally picture a pine with some real stature.

It’s nice to see an uncommon tree in a completely unexpected place. Props to your landscaper, Temple E. Nice choice.

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