off my rocker?

As we finish moving things upstairs in prep for the downstairs remodel, we’re forced to edit our belongings to fit the space. We’re in full-on purge mode and have already sold a ton via Craigslist. But some things I’m just loathe to part with, no matter how much the huz insists they gots to go.

Like the Dondolo rocker I picked up via DWR in anticipation of Bix’s birth. For someone who rarely buys new furniture, this was a real treat…

dondolo rocker in front of lamps in waiting

God I can’t wait to get rid of that nasty carpet. Ugh. So anyway… Not giving this up, sorry. I used to rock the baby to sleep in this!

Originally designed by Luigi Crassevig, Design Within Reach sold this Dondolo Rocker for a short time. No longer available from DWR, I picked up mine more than six years ago. The info I can dig up online about the DWR version claims the design dates to the ’50s:

Behold one of the most fetching of a new (old) wave of reissued rockers, an authorized reproduction of a 1950s Italian stunner. Using original molds, Design Within Reach — noted purveyor of pop-art furnishings — bends hardy beechwood into zoomy curves and laces it with thick saddle leather or heavy cotton canvas. The result? The DONDOLO ROCKER, named as it was back in ’50 when it was penned by designer Luigi Crassevig.

But it’s such a ’70s look, isn’t it? I mean look at that crazy shape…

definitely a 70s shape

So I did a little more research and found on Architonic that the original Dondolo actually dates to 1970, not the ’50s. Told ya. In fact, Crassevig itself gives a date of 1970 on its own site and lists the chair among its many current products.

legacy.dondolo.avanti | via

legacy.dondolo.avanti | via

Which obviously means the chair is still in production. So if the Dondolo is still in production and the leather is stamped Made in Italy on the back, does that mean my chair isn’t a reproduction but an actual Crassevig? There’s no Crassevig label on it. Hmmm. Maybe I should ask DWR just to satisfy my curiosity.

Back to my case. What better place for a ’70s rocker than our ’70s house? I should keep it, right? Here, have a seat…

the dondolo’s woven leather straps

Now that you’re comfortable, I’ll just assume you agree with me. It stays.

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4 Responses to “off my rocker?”

  1. Francesco Crassevig says:

    the Dondolo rocker is in production since the 1970, done (almost) in the same way since 40 years here in the north-east of Italy.
    so yours is 100% original!

  2. Brook says:

    Yay! Good to know. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my rocker. It’s a work of art. Thank you for commenting — and much love to Italy!

  3. susie cimini says:

    I have one of these that my husband bought for me from DWR in 2005. I hardly used it because the leather was stiff and it really needed to be broken in. As I got bigger during the pregnancy, I couldn’t get out of it. I’d like to sell it, but not sure where to post. Mine is a caramel leather color. Any idea’s? I am in New Orleans.
    Susie Cimini

  4. Brook says:

    These Dondolos are really hard to find now. I’d say your best bet is eBay where people who shop for modern-specific furniture can find it, but obviously shipping will come into play. Not impossible but a pain and will add to the price. You could try Craigslist but in my experience it’s hard to capture the eye of modern hunters. ApartmentTherapy features the best of Craigslist in cities across the US but there’s no link for New Orleans yet. However, it looks like you might be able to add one yourself! You would definitely get the right eyes here. Make sure the pictures are AWESOME and that baby will sell.

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