scenes from the destruction

Step into the dust mask zone with me.

All the trim is coming off…


The sheetrock is coming down…

destructomess 4

Kitchen cabinets being pulled out…


My fabulous wallpaper wall…


It came down. *sniff*  *sniff*…


Wait a second… what’s that in the far corner?

uh oh... signs of termites

Ugh. Signs of termites!! Old or recent? We’ll find out tomorrow when New England Pest Control stops by. In the meantime, wood for the construction arrived…

the wood arrives

Hey, termites… LUNCHTIME!

wood at the ready

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  2. […] Blackbird wallpaper in Kraft (yes, same paper I put up before), the charcoal wool of our Libre sectional, and one of the pillows we like to plump […]

  3. […] it out — instead of 1/2″ like the trim we pulled out of here when the remodel began, the baseboard now steps out from the wall only […]

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