pond action

Yep, it’s happening. The pond is finally coming together. Yay! On Friday, the thermal blankets came off and the intake pipe for the skimmer went in. First, the cinder block wall had to be cut…

cutting the wall to make a notch for the intake

Then the pipe got cemented in and left to harden up over the weekend…

the intake to the skimmer gets cemented into place

Today, more cement went in. This baby’s not going anywhere…

more cement

Eventually that pipe will connect to the pond filter and pump. More on that when I have something to show you.

With specifications from the engineer, RI Welding was able to make the steel supports that will hold the two bridges across the pond. In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s a 1/4″ wall of Type 304 stainless steel (whatever that means)…

the steel arrives

This afternoon we decided on the placement of the bridges…

the steel bridge supports get placed

After much noise and cement dust, the walls were notched to hold the steel in place…

the steel supports get their own special notch

Tomorrow, the flexible pond liner will go down with the steel supports right on top of it. With the steel in, you have a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like when it’s finished…

a hint of pond to come

I wonder if we’ll have a pond and patio ready for celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Probably too much to hope for. But I’ll keep some limes handy anyway. You know, just in case.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    i’ll be there for mojitos. just call!

  2. Brook says:

    mojitos in the works, don’t you worry!

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