even readier

Tuesday the boys from Land Design Associates swung by with yet more stone for the two patios…

arriving with more stone

It waits in the wings, so to speak, until the pond liner is in…

and even more stone

Before they left, they rolled back the thermal blankets…

rolling up blankets

First time in four months that we can see the ground…

clear upper patio, ready to go

Relieved to know it’s still there.

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2 Responses to “even readier”

  1. john says:

    why was there a blanket ?

  2. Brook says:

    they put big plasticky blankets on both patios for the winter, i guess to keep them from 1) getting effed up and messy, and 2) the ground heats up quicker when you put black plastic over it. gotta say, though, VERY slippery when there’s snow and ice on it.

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