prepping the pond

May 2. Much like the robins in springtime, the heavy machinery returns to the garden…

the big machinery arrives

We have machinery here so often that apparently the cat is no longer terrified of it.

Pond liner guy says he needs more sand on the bottom of the pond. And this morning he got more sand on the bottom of the pond. Sand was carted up the hill, as well as the granite slabs that will be used to cap the pond wall…

granite slabs arrive

The boys raked out about an inch of clean sand on the bottom of the pond, curving it slightly up the walls so there will be less of an angle for the rubber liner…

pond prep... AGAIN

That sandy bottom is now like buttah. Buttah!

sand added to the pond bottom

Pond liner guy is expected at about 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Shall we open the wagering on his next excuse for not being able to begin?

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