almost pond

Pleased to report that our moat now has bridges across it…

the bridge is in!



















Even though we argued over granite vs. wood, it looks pretty good, no?

finished pond and patio — with bridges!












The joints of the granite cap around the edge of the pond are now mortared…

wet mortar in the joints of the granite pond wall cap



















And thanks to David and Bix, the pond got cleaned out. First they sprayed down the liner and gave it a scrub with the broom…

the boys spray down the pond liner



















Then they used a ShopVac to suck up the last of the bilge water…

shop vaccing the liner



















Like a big ol’ bucket of the rankest Earl Grey ever…

yuckwater for dumping



















And then it was time to start filling the pond! How long do you think it takes to fill about 3,300 gallons?

pond filling begins with a trickle




















In one hour, the water was up to 6″…

6 inches one hour later



















We’re only going to 2′ so you can do the math. Will take a little under 4 hours when we finally finish filling it. A few issues with the plumbing that need resolving so we had to pause at 11.5″. Not officially Pond yet. Rats.


There was splashing. It was 90 degrees, after all. Godzilla, Mrs. Godzilla and Minya (Godzilla Jr.) regarded the proceedings with approval.

godzilla family watches


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4 Responses to “almost pond”

  1. Wendy says:

    Wow, lookin sweet! Do Godzillas eat koi?

  2. Brook says:

    Godzillas are HUGE fans of sushi.

  3. Dave Rizzolo says:

    The bridges,and their sense of floating, came out great. Will the water come right up to the bottom of the stone bridge/coping?

  4. Brook says:

    hi Dave! right now the water is just a few inches below the coping, so very very close. can’t go any higher without surpassing the skimmer intake pipe height, which is a no no. will try to include a shot in my next very belated post. thanks for asking!

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