ocd grass planting

Let’s review: Last spring, we planted a lawn. This spring, the lawn got torn up to make way for the  new patio and koi pond. And now, I’m planting a lawn.

The last of the steel edging is finally in where I drew the boundaries between the future lawn and beds, and the composted topsoil is all raked out. Perty…

steel edging border the lawn












I seeded the lawn yet again, using the same grass seed mix as before…

seed bag












sunny mix












shade mix












As you can see, the seed is from last year. Hope it’s still viable. Fingers crossed. Did I add lime? No. Fertilizer? No. I want neither washing down into the pond.

Because we’re on a slope and lost seed in the past each time it rained, I wasn’t taking any chances this time. Burlap to the rescue! It looks like I’ve got a Martha Stewart complex and went and quilted the whole backyard…

burlap view from house












Half of it I rolled and stapled down in a mad rush during yesterday’s rainstorm. The burlap is biodegradable — so I could leave it down and let the grass grow right over it. Or, from what I read, I could decide to pull it up when the grass is at least 1/2″ tall. We shall see.

This project is Bambino approved.

burlap with cat



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4 Responses to “ocd grass planting”

  1. dcb says:

    It looks like you channeled Christo; art installation ahoy!

  2. jc says:

    Based on the actions and subsequent results of a playful, I say do not remove the burlap. THe pup pulled up a corner of our burlap patch and ripped up the poking through grass and roots.
    Let teh burlap rot, it will help with the keeping brids off the seed and the roots moist.
    Say, surprised you did not used the locally develloped and locally tested and produced URI grass seed… just saying.

  3. Brook says:

    yeah, pretty sure i’ll leave it down. URI didn’t have a mix that i could find locally and supposedly several varieties of grass seed together do better than using just one. should also save on water. on the Super Seed Store site they link to the coop extension for each state… on RI’s link, up comes this
    so the grasses in the mix i got are, in fact, recommended by URI and they’ve even developed some of those related to the mix i bought. unclear if any of theirs actually made it INTO the mix i bought tho.

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