gophers!! okay, not really




















Okay, not really. Those are piles of new loam that the crew is laying down today so we can finally have a little bit of grass. Yay! No more dirt washing into the pond! We hope.

The last of the steel edging was put in to separate the grass from the planting area…

more steel edging




















Before the screened topsoil and compost came roto-tilling — better aeration for fledgling grass roots…

rototilling the lawn area




















The border around the house is finally complete. It went from this…

border before




















To this…

border after




















Mexican beach pebbles from The Stoneyard now top off the crushed stone. Picture this up against siding with a dark grey stain instead of light sage…

border with pebbles




















Looks great, right? Better shots when all the soil is in.

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  1. dcb says:

    Coming right along!

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