what’s your angle on this light?

Okay, time to order path lighting for the outside so people don’t break their necks trying to get around out there. These lights are specifically for the steps and we really only need a few out front and back.

After tons of poking around for something that’s not over-designed (“i’m an attention hog, do not look away from me!!”) and not too out-there (omg it’s like makers think the word “modern” = quirky and hideous), plus not too delicate (this house calls for something beefy, not slender) etc., I’ve finally located two options that are not only modern and minimal but pretty affordable!

First, this simple right-angled path light in aluminum…

hinkley right angle light bronze















From the Atlantis Collection made by Hinkley Lighting, it’s available in bronze, hermatite or titanium finish…

hinkley right angle options






Or this angled path light from their Piza collection, also in aluminum…

hinkley angle light bronze















Available in bronze and titanium finish…

hinkley angle options





I think either style could work. Our house has both right angles and angley angles…

angles and right angles




















Ah, remember summer when it was warm and the garden was just starting to take off?

Anyway, whaddya think? Angle or right angle? Bronze would blend into the scenery the best. Titanium would almost but not quite go with the aluminum window frames and flashing, as well as the galvanized aluminum planter boxes and steps. Decisions, decisions.

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8 Responses to “what’s your angle on this light?”

  1. Jennifer U says:

    bronze! to blend in with your bee-you-ty-full landscaping, tree trunks, etc. – better to not stand out among your plants. right angle! so the light source is totally shielded. the angled one looks like you’d end up with some glare. you want to see the glow on the ground, not the light bulb.

  2. Brook says:

    my first choice would be the right angled version, i agree. i think david likes the angled one. i like the bronze but that dark grey hermatite finish is not too bad. argh. i need to decide.

  3. jc says:

    I like the angled one, I think they would play better with the sloped paths and property. The right angle of the other is sort of obvious to me.
    Plus the right angle one sort of look like a modern business park or college campus. No, I can’t place the business park or college, but that’s the vibe I get.

  4. Jennifer U says:

    maybe deciding on your house paint color will help!

  5. Brook says:

    i say you and john have a throwdown and that’s how we decide right-angle vs angle! house color… argh. we’re supposed to pick up stain samples and test them out on some of the old cedar that came down. maybe now that the rain’s done?

  6. George says:

    Ditch the path lighting. Get a good video camera and record your guests’ exploits. Those guests with creativity, will use the flashlight app on their smart phones to light the path. Those without creativity, you record on video for fun.

  7. Brook says:

    George, you may have something there. live webcam?

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