get your feet on the floor

… everybody rock and roll! Think you can name that tune?

So with the ceiling now finished downstairs, the floor is in motion. No wasting time here, nuh-uh. David and Joe are gettin’ down to bidness, if ya know what I mean…

readiness starts at the knees












The floating cork planks are huge — 12″x36″ and 1/2″ thick, so theoretically the floor should go down even faster than the ceiling…

Duro cork plank




















There’s some trimming involved to get things to fit…

David trimming cork planks to fit




















But these things snap together easy-peasy…

fitting pieces together










Work began yesterday and already the boys are more than halfway done!

floor in progress





















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3 Responses to “get your feet on the floor”

  1. Jennifer U says:

    check out those skinny ankles! woo hoo!

  2. Anne says:

    I <3 Hero's skinny ankles, too! :)

  3. Brook says:

    they don’t call him Slim fer nuttin’! wait… they don’t actually call him Slim at all.

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