a little southern charm

On a whim, I bought an Ashe Magnolia, or Magnolia macrophylla var. ashei, about this time last year. It’s a rare, native understory tree now endangered in its home state of Florida. Huge leaves — nearly 2′ long — are what drew me to it. But I was really looking forward to the 10″ flowers.

This spring, my gangly little 4′ stick of a tree rewarded me with a single blossom…

Ashe Magnolia blossom




















The next morning…

look, it’s opening!




















and a little bit more




















have a peek inside




















And then today…

she’s fully open today




















The petals curl up about an 1″ underneath, so it really does measure about 10″!

honest to gawd, it really is 10 inches across!




















The scent is intoxicating!

omg you smell so good!




















Our backyard now smells like a pricey brothel.

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  1. Brook says:

    nice! hope my macrophylla looks as good someday!

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