gah: sakonnet garden

I just finished planting my front hill (which I will share soon) and was feeling pretty good about the progress of my garden… that is, until Shiva and I visited Sakonnet Garden in Little Compton, RI. This amazing private garden was open to the public as part of the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program.

My garden now looks extremely young and inadequate. Here’s why (rollover pics for words and such)…

step through the garden gate



















trimmed up high bush blueberries and ferns


















wow, that’s a really tall box hedge



















take a peek through the hedge



















colonnade of redwoods and asarum (wild ginger)



















go on, touch it



















turn around and look out the opening you just stepped through



















bench being devoured by a massive hedge




















You’ll want to biggify this one…

petasites and rhododendrons circle the pond










this arisaema ringens (cobra lily) is huge!



















sculpture in the garden


















clematis climbing a wall of hedge



















whoa, a crazy fastigiate maple



















did i mention that maple is really, REALLY tall?



















an archway leads to yet another garden room



















this one’s for Johnny: foxglove, monkey puzzle tree, hosta and, um, stuff



















closeup of a curved stone wall



















ooh, magnolia macrophylla (bigleaf magnolia)! tons of them here



















colorful red-leafed banana



















gorgeous Red Mughal Pavilion from Dehli



















a shot of gold weaves through the canopy



















Ganesha danced a little jig for us



















podophyllum spotty dotty... great name, amazing leaves



















the bigleaf magnolias really make this garden feel tropical



















Another one worth biggifying…

looks like something out of a glossy magazine, doesn’t it?











i just love these



















a grassy path past the hydrangeas leads us on



















a freshly stacked log wall frames the archway



















this garden room is all about screaming yellow foliage, like cotinus ‘golden spirit’ and hakonechloa ‘all gold’



















what do you suppose is through that passage?



















weeping black beech arches over the black border



















i don’t know what this is but i love the leaves



















now leaving the garden rooms



















meadow of grasses, wild flag and fern











a closeup of iris setosa, (wild flag), just for Shiva







































Maybe someday, 35 years from now, my garden will look like that. Heh. Yeah, right.


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  1. Tera says:

    is the gold/orange stuff with the pagoda a honeysuckle?

  2. Brook says:

    pretty sure you got that right, Tera.

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