updates to the yard

At the end of last week, our friends at Land Design Associates called to say they had two empty days in their schedule and they could tackle a few projects we’ve had waiting for them. This time around: paths!

Out back we started with this, knowing that eventually we’d add steps the same rice stone we’ve used elsewhere:

the paths out back when we started












And now we have this:

back paths from above




















My goal was to finish containing the slope — which we started when we put in the posts around the planting beds last fall — and slow the rain runoff and erosion. This should finally do it!

back path 1



















steel edging added here and there to hold the gravel







































Can I get a hell yeah for no more slipping and sliding down the hill + no more mud tracked into the house?! Hell yeah!

Out front, we envisioned adding stepping stones here:

the path out front when we started




















And now we have this:

front path with stepping stones




















Pleased to inform you that the stepping stones are Bambino-approved…

front path with cat




















Wow, that looks so… grown-up. So there you go. Inside the house may be a mess but outside the paths are done!

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  1. Wendy says:

    Nice! Happy Labor Day!

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