spray chalk to die for

I’ve been trying to find a simple, reasonably green way to “draw” our hardscaping ideas onto the ground. That would let me play with different configurations — see how the pool works over here vs. over there. I think I figured out how to do that. I hope you’ll come to my funeral.

Rust-oleum Landscaper’s Chalk

Contractors in landscaping and construction use spray paint to mark out planting beds, walls, stairs, etc. But I really, really wanted to avoid toxic spray paint in our yard. Then I found this: Landscape Chalk! Chalk — that sounds pretty benign, right? And it says “environmentally friendly” right on the can…

Spray Chalk close-up

Bear in mind, this is a Rust-Oleum product. If you take a look at the ingredients you’ll find it’s made with toluene, acetone and xylene. Yum! Proven carcinogens. Known to cause birth defects. Oh, and also potentially fatal.

Spray Chalk warnings

On the bright side, Rust-Oleum claims their spray chalk won’t hurt turf. Perhaps this is what makes it “environmentally friendly.” If only I had some turf.

Best news: I now own four cans. So don’t come over without a haz-mat suit and a respirator.

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2 Responses to “spray chalk to die for”

  1. Story Savage says:

    vapors may ignite explosively.
    Well at least it’ll be dramatic.

  2. Brook says:

    it was nice of them to be uber descriptive. :)