inside the whale

Ever wondered what it would look like to be swallowed by Moby Dick? Follow me inside our 1,700 gallon water collection tank…

water collection tank from above, manhole cover removed

going inside the tank

inside water collection tank

With rain in the forecast tonite and tomorrow, David thought it would be a good idea to double-check the tank

david checks the tank

The downspouts are hooked up, the filter is in and the overflow piping is connected, buried and ready to go. So we can finally start collecting our first rainwater. Let it pour!

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6 Responses to “inside the whale”

  1. jc says:

    Has anyone told Bix what a great fort/hiding place that is?

    Did you gets any water?

  2. Brook says:

    hey, don’t give him any ideas! we got 2.5′ of water, which is A LOT, considering the size of the tank. woo hoo!

  3. dcb says:

    Tank is about half-full after a little less than 1″ of rain.
    So my math was spot-on!
    I figured a full tank from a little less than 2″ of rain.
    I like it when seat-of-the-pants back-of-the-napkin calculations work out….

  4. jc says:

    Quoth Jim concerning Dave:
    “Look at him being all positive with his half full versus half empty”

    Great job you two.

  5. Brook says:

    every now and then we somehow manage to do things right. ish. in spite of ourselves. :)

  6. Brook says:

    did someone say “underground swimming pool”?!