front slope done, check

Just a few weeks ago, April 6 to be exact, the first round of planting our front slope left us two-thirds of the way done…

where we left off

Yesterday, elves descended and finished up the planting. Yay! My friends Shiva and Ellen tackled the last third of the erosion zone using the same plants as the rest of it…

the plants arrive

Same story as before: Cut the Curlex. Dig a hole. Plant…

shiva and ellen slope planting

Later that afternoon, all done…

the slope, finito!!

Amazing how much greener everything is in just the last few weeks. The oaks leafed out, our pathetic little dogwood (doesn’t like being planted in the shade of an oak) is flowering and the plants in the slope have really taken off. Definitely looks like Spring.

And now my little garden pixies are gone… Elvish has left the building. Victory dance.

ellen’s victory dance

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