hmm… not so floored

Went to look at terrazzo tile from Fritz Tile because it just sounds so frickin’ cool. But alas, it’s not quite as cool as I’d hoped. The guys at State Rug in Cranston were nice enough to hand over all their Fritz samples so we could check them out at home. Take a look…

lots of samples

A whole spectrum of colors to choose from but up against our cork flooring selection only the neutrals and possibly black looked like they might work… (click to biggify)

terrazzo possibilities against our cork floor choice

One of the boxes of samples featured terrazzo with bits of mother of pearl worked in. The sparkly bits were a nice touch on a tile that mostly comes across as kind of meh in person…

not too awful

The substrate for most of their tiles is this weird clear stuff that makes these look like headcheese. From a distance the Fritz looks like terrazzo but has the sheen of a vinyl. Blech…

grey terrazzo headcheese

How Barney is this?

how barney is this?

I’m a big fan of terrazzo, don’t get me wrong. Definitely an awesome modern choice. But these just don’t come across as authentic. So I’m glad we took a look but the Angela Adams Argyle is looking more and more like the winner.


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2 Responses to “hmm… not so floored”

  1. this makes me sad, I love terrazzo but it doesn’t look like the modern stuff quite cuts it
    good news, there’s a terazzo floor in our new bathroom underneath an unfortunate late 90s black & white checkerboard tile floor, later this year will try to figure out if it could be salvageable (or if we’ll have to go over it). good news is – it’s still the floor in the laundry room! I have a terrazzo floor in my laundry room

  2. Brook says:

    I need to look at the glass terrazzo as an option, I guess. I can’t imagine it’s as hideous as this Fritz stuff. Would love me some terrazzo! Lucky lucky boy.