my cork finally popped

I thought it might never happen but I just laid eyes on cork flooring I’m pretty smitten with. Just unboxed some samples of DuroDesign’s Edipo cork and, yes, it would actually complement this house nicely. Guess you can consider my cork POPPED.

Edipo cork flooring from DuroDesign

It’s made up of strips of cork, so it’s very linear, just like our house. No swirls. And yet not so uniform that it looks like a corkboard. Neither of those are styles I’ve disliked in other people’s houses — I just think they wouldn’t be the best choice here given our straight lines and hard angles. Perhaps this linear style has existed and I just somehow missed it in other flooring lines? Dunno.

Here’s Edipo in a range of neutrals, from bleached to darker…

Edipo in shades

I like how the linearity makes the cork resemble its original form: tree bark. In fact, the lighter shades remind me a lot of birch bark. Here’s a closeup of the darkest sample…

Edipo closeup

It comes in 12″x36″, click-together planks that would be easy enough to float in…

Edipo 1/2" plank edge

And they have thin, very light cork tiles that could work well on the ceiling (we want to contain our popcorn ceiling)…

Edipo tile edge

They’d need to be glued and/or nailed to something else first in order to be installed overhead, but that seems do-able.

As far as I’m concerned, the Edipo is a strong contender, assuming it’s in our price range. And of course, if we go with this we get all the sustainable, LEED-certified benefits of cork. As I mentioned in my last post:

… composed of 100% post-industrial recycled content from wine-stopper production.

Luv that. Lots more info and pictures of DuroDesign’s cork flooring options here in their PDF brochure.

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4 Responses to “my cork finally popped”

  1. Shiva says:

    Did I mention how much I like this cork over all others? Right there with you. It is super excellent!

  2. Brook says:

    Something about making it so linear really changes the look of it, doesn’t it?! Love that. :)

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