floored yet again: rubber cork

More than once, we’ve discussed flooring for our entryway. That’s this area here with the lovely particle board floor…

remod wants | entryway




















We’ve been round and round possibilities to go with the cork we’re using as our primary flooring. We’ve looked at terrazzo tile. We’ve looked at concrete tile. I thought we’d settled on this, but now David and I are revisiting the subject.

This is why we’re noncommittal: Initially we hoped the cork would work everywhere, including the entryway. It’s durable. It doesn’t mind when water’s tracked in. But when it comes to stairs…

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… the nosing on the risers would have to be wood or metal. Not the worst thing, I suppose, but that’s when we decided to consider tile. A tile riser with a tile nose is a more cohesive look. Of course, it would be noisier than cork. And colder. Which is why now we’re also considering this: rubber cork.

capri re-tire




















After much web surfing and multiple calls to flooring dealers, a Capri Rubber Cork rep called and pointed me toward Rustigian Rugs in Providence. David and I dropped in to see samples.

We like that Capri’s Re-Tire Medley collection combines recycled tire waste, post-industrial rubber waste, virgin rubber and post-industrial cork waste. Slip-resistant, sound absorbing and it contributes to LEED points. Nice!

The Peppercorn sample plays well with our cork sample…

capri re-tire peppercorn




















Kinda looks like terrazzo, doesn’t it?

Still undecided. Like cork, rubber requires separate nosing — although steel or aluminum would look pretty sweet with the steel cable railing we’re planning. It runs about $11 a sq ft and a minimum order is 200 sq ft. (Or we could just use the cork everywhere after all?)

It also requires an acrylic or urethane finish coat available from Capri. I optimistically assume the sealer would encase that heady scent of eau du tire factory. One can only hope.

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2 Responses to “floored yet again: rubber cork”

  1. jc says:

    We are losing a lot of rubber on a section of the stage at the theater for the latest production, … STINK-E. Granted, one giant roofing sheet and a bunch of industrial squares/tiles meant for restaurant kitchens, and they were never meant to be all nice -nice, but it def was like spending a day in Town Fair Tire.

    We soaked the squares in water and vinegar to break down the slippery solvent that seemed to coat them, and ran them through the industrial dish washer, but the smell remained.

    A month or so later, the odor has waned. Or maybe the off gasses have killed the brain cells that sense such things… But it’s better.

    That said, be prepared for your eco home to be… not so much.

    And my 2 cents? The fleck style does not look like marble, it looks like those flecky multicolored crayons some of had as kids. I say stick with something basic, and be proud of what it is: Sensible flooring.

  2. Brook says:

    well, i did say it KINDA looks like terrazzo. we may still use the cork on the stairs but we have the rounded nose detail to deal with. have to figure that out. until we do, i poke around and see if there are any other problem-solvers for us. ya never know.

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