patios: day 4

I swear we’re not building a pyramid. Really. Even though our full driveway says otherwise. No room for cars here. It’s full of sand. Cement block. Cement block. Cement block…

day 4 driveway full

Oh, and the granite strips that will eventually create the border of the pond…

day 4 stone strips

This morning the Land Design Associates boys started forming the walls of the pond. Those cement blocks were leveled and stacked and leveled and stacked, etc. Rebar pounded into place…

day 4 building walls

Remember how they’re out there designing The Island of Patio? Might help to look at the layout again. The pond wraps around two sides of the patio, with steps across the koi pond on both sides…

the winner!

So they started digging the top part of the L today…

day 4 digging the other side

Now you can really begin to understand why I’m calling this The Island of Patio…

day 4 one big L

Easier to see what it’s going to look like it you view it from the outside edge…

day 4 patio as island

Island! Cue the Hawaiian music. Easy to see why they’re going to need all those cement blocks, eh?

day 4 more walls

At the rate they’re whipping through this project, this thing might be done next week. omg, a project that might actually be done! Hard to imagine. It hurts my head. Ouch.


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