oops, not gneiss?

You may or may not find this amusing. Remember how late last year David and I deliberated over the choice of stone for the patios and pond surround? We went with a very light, clean-looking granite…

grey granite closeup

At the time, we just assumed it hailed from somewhere nearby. Perhaps The Granite State, New Hampshire? It could also have come from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont and New York, which all have granite quarries.

Igneousramuses, we should have thought to ask.

So would you like to venture where our very affordable granite was born? Go ahead, click to biggify…

our stone is from china, what the?!

CHINA. Doh! It was shipped from the other side of the planet and it’s still more affordable than local granite. How do they do that? Argh.

Will it look fabulous when the patio’s all done? Yup. Will we feel just a little bit guilty for being planet killers? Yup. At least until we polish off the first pitcher of celebratory margaritas. Schistheads.

Here, listen to this with me and maybe we’ll both feel better. (circa 1961 and part of the COMPLETELY GENIUS Ballads for the Age of Science record collection I found for Bix)

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5 Responses to “oops, not gneiss?”

  1. john says:

    How do they do it? Two words: Slave Labor.
    But look on the bright side, your patio could be, in part, a collaborative project by famed dissident Ai Weiwei…

  2. Brook says:

    if Ai is willing to do some of the work then i can’t get him in here quick enough!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Is that where Chinese authorities are hiding him? In your yard?

  4. john says:

    naw , Ai is cutting granite for the counters for a condo in West Warwick, so, no, he wont be installing anything pond side in prov.

    speaking of, how’s it coming?

  5. Brook says:

    hey, we need counters, too!

    sorry for the pause in posts — expect an update. i got sick. playing catchup today.

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