friday update

So what’s the word on this chilly, windy day, David?
Yesterday Joe and I pulled off the vertical beveled tongue and groove siding. Then we pulled off the ledger board that held up the deck…
friday update 1
Behind was evidence of the old deck system that was replaced in the early ’80s. The house wasn’t very well sealed, which explains the dark spots on the wood there — that’s the beginnings of rot. Plus, the tar paper was not continuous and the detail around the big window was odd….
friday bad window detail
We pulled the window out…
friday update 2
… and then installed the new window opening on the outside of the old sheathing.
friday update 3
friday update 4
Next up? Insulating. Then the same procedure on the BIG windows and the slider in the living room. Oy vey.

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  1. John Oberteuffer says:

    Message for David,
    I think your great grandfather was Albert McVitty, was a good friend of my grandfather, George Oberteuffer, an artist. I am currently trying to put together a book about my grandfather’s paintings. I have contacted a number museums and private collectors who have examples of his work. I wonder if you know if the McVitty family has any of GO’s work. I would be glad to send you more information about the book and my grandfather. Thanks for your help. Best regards, John Oberteuffer

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